Baida Jewelry is a direct diamond importer. We are able to eliminate the middle man by buying in large supply, and acquire diamonds at cost and deliver the savings directly to you. We also carry one of the largest inventories of loose diamonds [GIA and EGL Certified], ranging from a 1/2 carat white diamond, to large and rare fancy colored diamonds.

Due to being wholesalers as well as retailers, our inventory is consistently changing. Therefore we do not post our inventory on-line. This is also to protect the confidentiality of our future customers’ diamond selection.

    We firmly believe that every diamond has to be seen and inspected in person to confidently purchase your desired diamond. This is due to the fact that each diamond has it’s own unique characteristics and qualities that no alike diamond can demonstrate. Therefore, we believe that no certificate, appraisal, and/or specifications can give you a full visual perspective to a diamond’s true brilliance and fire; it can only list and identify them.

Baida Jewelry, along with all of our suppliers have a zero tolerance policy toward conflict diamonds. Through measures such as the kimberly process, which is an international system to track and certify diamonds and require all U.S. diamond retailers to buy diamonds from manufactures who have documentation proving that the diamonds were obtained from legitimate sources, we prevent the illegal trade of diamonds and assure our customers the all of our diamonds are conflict-free. This is based on our personal knowledge and/or written guarantees provided by our supplier.

We Carry Conflict-Free Diamonds Only!

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At Baida Jewelry, privacy and personal service is of utmost importance. In order to fully service our clients needs, we recommend making a private appointment to sit down with one of our certified G.I.A. gemologists. *To better serve you, an appointment is suggested for diamond inquiries

Life-Time UPGRADE Policy!

Our ultimate goal is to have you set up a private appointment and sit one-on-one with one of our certified G.I.A. gemologists and have the opportunity to fully inspect each diamond while being personally educated.

Peace-of-mind is of utmost importance.

After selecting your diamond of choice, we personally encourage everyone of our customers to step into our onsite workshop and watch or professional and experienced jewelers set your diamond right before your eyes.

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