From Imagination, to a Masterpiece....

                    Every one of our beautifully crafted masterpieces goes through all our vigorous and meticulous steps in the process of manufacturing.

Whether a stock item or a custom design, each piece starts with a design from scratch - a unique Baida Jewelry Design.

However, not every ring fits everyone’s liking & taste. But with 34+ years of custom designing experience, we can guarantee that we can create that unique, one-of-a-kind ring design with the customers personal touch.

Through our Computer Assisted Design (CAD) and Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM), or our experienced on site jeweler with expertise in hand-crafted wax design, ANY and ALL or your imaginations can become realities in just days...

After a ring is casted in the metal of your choice, diamonds must be selected according to the rings specification. Each and every single diamond which is set in our pieces are previously sorted by the exact matching size, color, clarity, and cut by one of our GIA gemologists. Without this rigorous process, even the most beautiful design can have its flaws exposed.

Each piece is hand set, hand polished, and finished with finesse and given maximum attention to ensure its perfection. Every piece is fully inspected for quality control by our jewelers and our GIA gemologists before leaving the workshop.



Custom Design. A Touch of You

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